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Cindy L Winter
S. A. C. Dip. FHPT

Nail Cutting and Treatment of Foot Related Problems

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Cindy Winter

If you are looking at my web page then you, or someone you know, is in need of foot care.

I offer a friendly mobile foot care service in people's own homes, sheltered housing and care homes at a reasonable price of just £24 per session (a charge of £12 will be applied for missed appointments), covering Norwich and surrounding areas, I am fully qualified, insured and CRB checked.

I trained at Stonebridge College in Cornwall where I gained my diploma as a Foot Health Practitioner. I have also worked for Social Services for many years in the community alongside GPs, District Nurses, Paramedics, and Social Workers, responding to emergency situations and falls. My speciality is moving and handling and I can honestly say I have loved my job.

Look After Your Feet

Over the years I have seen how both the young and the old neglect their feet, it can be for many different reasons such as; not being able to reach the feet to cut the toenails, embarrassment, being housebound or just simply not knowing who to contact to receive general foot care and advice. This can lead to mobility problems - caused mainly by pain - which often leads to falls, especially in the elderly.

Good on going footcare can have a significant beneficial effect on a person's mobility, which is so important to remaining independent. So many people let footcare slip, with the result that life needlessly becomes a struggle. I am happy to provide footcare on a one to one basis at my treatment rooms or in your own home.

Routine foot care is important for general health and wellbeing so let me help you to be comfortable, don't be embarrassed as together we can put a spring back in your step

Here to Help

Feel free to contact me for an appointment if I do not answer it's because I'm working but I will call you back as soon as I can, normally after 6pm. I can advise you on treatment for fungal nail and toe nail infections, reduce thickened nails, talk about footwear, treat corns and to relieve pain and discomfort etc.

What to Expect When I Visit

I will take your details, including a list of all your current medications. I use latex free gloves, spray each foot with antiseptic and I use a fresh set of sterile instruments for every person. I then carry out the necessary treatment on each foot and finish by briefly creaming the feet, this increases blood flow and promotes circulation. I am told by my customers that they feel like they can walk on air once I have finished.

Sessions cost £24 a visit and a charge of £12 will be applied for missed appointments.

If you have trouble with:

• Corns
• Callus
• Cracked Heels
• Fungal Infection
• Toe Nail Cutting
• Cracked Heels
• Thickened Nails

CW Foot Care can help.

Give me a call on: 07910 669905 or contact me via this webpage using the contact box below.

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"I contacted Cindy as I was having problems with cracked heels she removed my hard skin cut my toe nails and moisturized my feet, she also advised me on aftercare. Cindy was friendly, punctual and very professional and I have already booked my next appointment for six weeks." Tanya from Norwich.

"I got in touch with Cindy regarding hard skin removal and verruca treatment for my daughter , she was quite nervous and embarrassed about her feet but Cindy made her feel at ease straight away. She did a fantastic job, my daughters feet looked and felt great. we have since had Cindy back and will continue to do so. she provides a great service and gave good after care advice too .Thoroughly recommended!" Jane from Thorpe

Fully Qualified

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Cindy L Winter
S. A. C. Dip. FHPT
Nail Cutting and Treatment of Foot Related Problems

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